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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Susan George - 1950

She has recalled several holidays at the caravan park in Font-y-Gary in South Wales as a baby. She trained at the Stage school, Corona Theatre school and has acted since the age of 4, showing on both tv and film.
She is maybe best known for such films as Straw Dogs (1971) with dustin hoffman, Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry (1974) with Peter Fonda and Mandingo (1975) with Ken Norton.
When asked during a 2013 interview concerning operating with Hoffman and director sam Peckinpah in Straw Dogs, george said:
I had a love-hate relationship with sam, however he was a superb director and a genius of his time. Dustin was a generous actor to figure with, who can be intense now {and then|every now and then} however had a good personality and an incredibly mischievous sense of humour. creating the film was an amazing expertise and one that I cherish to the present day.

In the early 1970s george came to be related to rather provocative, generally (as in Straw Dogs) contentious, roles and have become quite type-cast. Cinema writer Leslie Halliwell's rather terse summary of her career was: "British actress, former kid actress; typically typed as sexpot"
Her lighter side was apparent in some of her TV appearances, such as in an episode (The Gold Napoleon) of The Persuaders (1971) with Roger Moore and Tony curtis. In 1988, george marked her film producing debut with Stealing Heaven.

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